The Midnight News (Pt 4)

The Midnight News (Pt. 3)

The Midnight News (Pt. 1)

Who’s on First?

Every Day’s Task

It Begins with Love

If we love Jesus, we will obey Him. If we obey Him, He will reveal more of Himself to us.

The more He reveals to us, the better we will know Him.

The more we know about Jesus, the more we will love Him; and the more we love Him, the more we will want to obey Him.

Greater love results in greater obedience. Greater obedience brings greater knowledge. Greater knowledge of Jesus causes greater love for Jesus, which causes better obedience. . . It never ends!

O’ the inexhaustible riches of Jesus!

The Last Component of a Best Work (Mark 14:1-9)

His Representative

Every couple of years, Americans choose others to represent them in congress.

Sometimes those they choose represent them well.

Sometimes they don’t.

God has chosen YOU to reflect His will…His goodness…His greatness…His grace.

Think about that before you speak…before you make decisions….before you do anything.

God elected you. Represent Him well.

Your Best Work (Mark 14:1-9) Part 6 (Conclusion)

Your Best Work (Mark 14:1-9) Pt. 5

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