You’ve Got This

Everything you need! Everything? God has given us everything we need?

We each hear those words from a different perspective.

A single working parent might respond, “I need a daycare facility or a nanny.” A businessman may say, “I need that new account.”

The lonely widow responds, “I need a friend who understands.” A teenage girl says, “I need a boyfriend.” Or a guy, “I need a girlfriend.”

The orphan needs a family. The panhandler needs a job. The politician needs a voting block.

But 1 Peter 1:3 is not a blanket promise, a blank check to fill out any way we want.

In fact, it’s not a promise at all.

Promises are prophetic, assuring us of what will be done for us in the future. This is a statement of fact, a declaration of what God has already done.

And what God has already done through His divine power is this: He has enabled us to live godly lives regardless of our circumstances.

Yes, He will provide all your needs (Philippians 4:19). If He hasn’t provided it, you must not need it yet. ( P.S. it’s all your needs, not all your greeds).

But our greatest need is godliness; and when it comes to the ability to love God and live like it, you’ve got this!

You’ve got the Word of God to show you how, and you’ve got the Spirit of God to empower you to do it.

You’ve been given the responsibility of bearing the Name of Christ. You’ve been called to reflect His glory. And now you know you can.

You’ve got this! God has given it to you. Go get ’em, Tiger!

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