Who’s Your Daddy?


Jesus came to His own people, the ones God had been preparing for centuries, the ones who should have instantly recognized Him; but they did not want Him in their lives. They rejected the Good News that He brought them .

They remained orphans without a relationship with God (John 1:11).

But not everyone. Some believed. Some turned away from the sins that separated them from God. Some gladly received the new life that Jesus offered. . .and still offers to us today.

To those who receive Him, He gives a new relationship, a wiping away of all that separates, a fresh beginning with a brand new heart. They are “born again” and are made children of God (John 1:12).

God is their Father, their “Papa” (Abba). That’s not so for the ones who reject, or merely neglect, what Jesus has graciously done.

Question: Who’s your daddy?

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