Running Low? Fill up Twice!

On Sunday, May 29, 2011 Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the white flag at the Coca Cola 500 and began the final lap of what would be his first tour win in over 100 races.

His lead was comfortable. The crowd was ecstatically cheering for the most popular driver on tour. At turn 1 the lead was 7 car lengths. By turn 2 the lead had increased to 8 car lengths. Victory was only half a mile away.

Then Dale Earnhardt Jr. did the unthinkable.

He ran out of fuel!

With no gas in the tank, he coasted to a disappointing 7th place finish.

You and I must take time to fill up.  We need to “cool our jets” and catch our breath.  Have you spent time with the Lord in His Word today?  Could I share something with you about The Spirit and The Word?  I think it’s so important.

Eph 5.18 COMMANDS us, “be FILLED with the Spirit.”  If you read on after that, you will find that the filling of the Spirit results in a joyful singing heart (5.19), an attitude of gratitude (5.20), humble submission (5.21), Christ-like Agape love (5.25ff), glad obedience to authority at home (5.22; 6.1) and at work (6.5), proper wielding of authority at home (5.23; 6.4) and at work (6.9), and victory in spiritual battles (6.10ff).  As Adrian Rogers once put it, the Holy Spirit filling affects your worship life, your wedded life, your work life, and your warrior life.

Now look at Colossians 3.16ff.  There we are COMMANDED to “Let the Word of Christ DWELL IN YOU RICHLY” (NKJV).  What follows being FILLED WITH THE WORD looks just like what resulted from being FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT!  There is a joyful singing heart (3.16), thanksgiving (3.17), submission to authority at home and work (3.18, 20, 22), and the gentle wielding of authority in love (3.19, 21; 4.1).

Don’t fail to cross the finish line.  Stop now.  Fill up.  TWICE!  Start with the Word of God, and you will find yourself filled with the Spirit also.  Grace upon Grace!

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